Welcome to Copenhagen

and our apartment

Hello world

Here you can find all the information that you need about the apartment. We hope you will enjoy your stay.


Please start by reading this important information:

  1. The glass sliding door in the bathroom is not fixed in the bottom. Please be careful when using it. Thank you.
  2. The tabletop in the kitchen is made of ceramics. It can withstand both heat and water, but it is sensitive to impact, so please be careful. Thank you.
  3. All smoking, pets and partying is strictly forbidden. Thank you.


If you have any questions or

issues during your stay do

not hesitate to contact us:

Your hosts is Frederik and Jonas. 


Jonas + 45 20 99 97 96



Name: Reverdil Gæst
Passwords: 45gfFs12Pd

Turn on lights

Curtain up

Curtain down

Turn off lights

Curtain in the bedroom and livingroom:

The curtain in the bedroom and livingroom is motorized and is controlled by a remote. You will find this next to the bed and couch.

See the picture here for controling the remote

You can also control the light from the remote. 

The lighting:

The lighting in the entrance and the bathroom is controlled by a motionsensor.

In the living room, office, kitchen and bedroom you will find a light switch next to the door

If you click “I” you will turn on all the light in the room.

If you click “I” several times fast, the mood of the light will change from bright light to comfortable light.

If you click “0” you will turn off all the light in the room.

If you hold “I” down for a few seconds you will turn on all the light in the apartment. 

If you hold “0” down for a few seconds you will turn off all the light in the apartment. 


  1. Turn on the TV in the living room with the remote.
  2. Push the home-button. See picture. 
  3. Connect you phone to WIFI "Reverdil Gæst".
  4. Now you can stream to "58PUS7304/12 from your phone or tablet using the Chromecast icon. See picture.  
  5. You can also stream contents directly on the TV by using DR-TV or ViaFreeAPP, simply by clicking the remote.

When leaving the apartment:
Latest check out is at 4 pm. (kl. 16.00) on the departure day.
Please make sure that all windows and doors are closed and locked.
Only wintertime: Set the heating to 18°C if the heater has been adjusted
When the door is locked, please put the key in my mailbox. This is located next to the street doort. The mailbox is marked with my name "Jonas Poulsen"


You can see recommendations in the section below.

I will recommend to experience the city by food og bike.

You can easily walk between all the classis attractions.


My favorite runs and walks:

All the attractions – 9,7 km. Experience all the classis attractions. Tivoli, Rådhuspladsen (city hall square), Strøget (shopping street), Kongens Nytorv, Nyhavn, Lange Linje, Den lille havfrue (the little mermaid), Amalienborg (the queen's residence), view to the Opera, Rosenborg, H.C. Ørstedsparken. Optimal for walking but not running.


Around the Harbor  - 8,2 km. Experience Copenhagen around the harbor. The black diamond (royal library), Islands BryggeBroernes gadekøkken (street food) and more. In the summertime it is possible to swim in the harbor. Optimal for both walking and running.


Around the Harbor – 9,6 km. Much more cozy and quietly walk or run away from the center. Discover green areas, allotment gardens and lots of new construction. Optimal for both walking and running.

Søerne – 7,6 km - Experience the cozy cafés and atmosphere around Copenhagen's lakes. Optimal for both walking and running.


Amager Fælled – 9,7 km. Copenhagen´s ”Central park” is Amager Fælled. Nice and big green areas. Optimal for running.


My favorite beef:

$ Retour: https://restaurantretour.dk/kbhk/en/

$ Madklubben grill: https://madklubben.dk/restauranter/madklubben-grill-koebenhavn/

My favorite burger:
$ Gasoline: https://www.gasolinegrill.com/

$ Jagger: https://www.jaggerfastfood.com/jagger-fastfood

My favorite sushi:
$$ Karma sushi: https://karmasushi.dk/

My favorite French:

$$ Le Saint Jacques: https://www.lesaintjacques.dk/

$$ Pastis: https://bistro-pastis.dk/

$$$ Bistro Bohme: http://bistroboheme.dk/


My favorite pizza:

Gorm Pizza https://wearegorms.dk/?lang=en


My favorite brunch:

Wulff &Konstali https://www.wogk.dk/en/home

Café Europa https://europa1989.dk/en/

Heating (only winter time):

If needed you can turn up the heating in the living room, office or bedroom.

  1. Go to the desired room.
  2. Next to the door you will find the heat panel. *3
  3. Click once on the physical button and the current temperate will show in the display.
  4. Adjust the heating up and down with the arrows, according to your preference.
  5. Just remember to set the heating to 18°C then you leave the apartment.